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Natural Resources

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Mining Truck

Mining, Development & Operation Company

Providing Leadership Development Training and Assessment solutions to a leading global integrated base and precious metals mining, development and operation company for 140 front-line supervisors in Canada.  

Pulse Trading Company

Providing Talent Acquisition solutions to an international pulse trading company for a Senior Pulse Trader.  

Pulses and Grains
Wind turbines

Clean Power Generator

Providing Leadership Development Training solutions to a clean power generation company in Saskatchewan, Canada.  

Combine Harvester on Field harvesting wheat

Farming & Food Manufacturer

Providing HR Consulting solutions in Canada to a farming and food  manufacturer with respect to the organizational matters.  

Woman Executive Search Consultant

Partnering with businesses of all types and sizes to provide global Executive Search / Talent Acquisition solutions to find the best executive level talent and other leaders and professionals for the organization.  

Business Team congratulating one another on success

Partnering with organizations of all types to design and facilitate dynamic, engaging, insightful and essential Leadership Development Training solutions for its leaders, managers, supervisors and other people managers.  

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