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Talent Assessment


Leading & effective assessments to give you valuable insight into your talent

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Talent Assessment solutions to gain meaningful insight into your talent

As businesses seek to gain competitive advantage, more than ever they need to critically assess their leaders and other team members, not only to determine individual leadership styles, but also to identify and address gaps in their talent's skillsets.    


Talent Matters uses leading assessment tools to provide businesses with meaningful insight into their talent pool to help drive productivity, efficiency and growth.


The SDP leadership development program facilitated by Neale Harrison and his team was an excellent experience and added significant value to our business.  The teaching method was spread over a year, keeping our supervisors keen and motivated to improve their supervisory skills.  The supervisors were also held accountable with their direct reports which provided an opportunity to discuss performance on a regular basis.  I would highly recommend Talent Matters to deliver a leadership training program for any business that depends on their supervisors to be the best they can be.

Richard Trudeau, Director, Health & Safety and Aboriginal Affairs at Hudbay

Featured Solutions

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Leadership Assessments

We conduct a variety of leadership and 360 feedback assessments, to support businesses' key talent development, including self and situational awareness, EQ and decision-making style.

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Psychometric Assessments

We undertake leading and effective psychometric assessments, including MBTI® and DiSC®, providing valuable information on psychological preferences and how decisions are made. Businesses  use these tests to evaluate prospective candidates, and to develop and understand their current talent.

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Competency Assessments

We conduct insightful competency assessments, allowing businesses to assess their current talent and identify gaps in skills. By learning how well their talent performs against pre-determined competencies, businesses can fill-in gaps and use the information in individual development plans.

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High-Potentials & Succession Planning

We use a variety of assessment tools to identify and develop high-potentials to keep them engaged and support their on-going development. This can also support organizational succession planning.

Featured Solutions
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Providing leading Psychometric Assessments as part of a comprehensive Leadership Development Programme for several hundred supervisory and management leaders of a multinational natural resources company.  

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Facilitating Leadership Assessments to identify professional development opportunities and strategies for the Head of Sales and Marketing for a professional services organization.  

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Facilitating the development of Leadership Competency profiles for professional development purposes of the leaders of a multinational consumer packaged goods organization.  

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Facilitating the Assessment of a senior leader of a technology services company using industry-recognized leadership assessment tools.  

Talent Assessment Matters

Leading & effective assessments to give you valuable insight into your talent.  Let us help you succeed.

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