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Cost-effective training & development programs to develop your talent into leaders


Leadership Development  solutions to develop your talent into leaders  

Smart businesses know that investing in their talent's professional development not only increases retention and productivity of key talent, but also drives growth and shareholder value.  


Talent Matters designs and delivers customized leadership and professional development programs to help you realize the full potential of your talent pool.  ​


The SDP leadership development program facilitated by Neale Harrison and his team was an excellent experience and added significant value to our business.  The teaching method was spread over a year, keeping our supervisors keen and motivated to improve their supervisory skills.  The supervisors were also held accountable with their direct reports which provided an opportunity to discuss performance on a regular basis.  I would highly recommend Talent Matters to deliver a leadership training program for any business that depends on their supervisors to be the best they can be.

Richard Trudeau, Director, Health & Safety and Aboriginal Affairs at Hudbay


Featured Solutions


Talent Assessments

We augment leadership development with the use of leading, industry-recognized assessment tools (including MBTI® and DiSC®) to provide more insight on the leader’s personality preferences or decision- making style.  

Leadership Training

We provide customized leadership development training for leaders of all types. Participants of our cost-effective programs emerge with the requisite knowledge and tools, through experiential modules and practicums, to help them perform better as leaders.

Team Building

We provide customized team building programs, designed to help teams function more effectively and collaboratively, and help better drive results for businesses.  

Professional Coaching

To augment leadership development, we provide one-on-one or group professional coaching to support the on-going professional development of leaders and other key talent.


Designing and facilitating a comprehensive Leadership Development Programme for management level employees of an employee benefit plan provider.  

Providing group Professional Coaching to the financial team of a multinational commercial real estate company to support its on-going professional development.

Facilitated Talent Assessments of key talent, using leading, industry-recognized tools (including MBTI® and DiSC®), of a global discrete manufacturing company, to provide more insight on the leaders' personality preferences and decision-making styles.

Providing Professional Coaching solutions to a multinational clean power generation company to develop their emerging and hi-potential engineering leaders, in order to help better prepare them for future leadership positions within the organization.

Leadership Development  Matters

Cost-effective Leadership Development Programs to develop your talent into leaders.  Let us help you succeed.

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