Industrial Manufacturing

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Window and Door Manufacturer

Providing Leadership Development Training solutions in Canada to a national commercial window and door manufacturer.  

Industrial Uniform & Supplies Manufacturer

Providing HR Consulting and Training solutions in Canada to a leading North American industrial uniform and supplies manufacturer.  

Industrial Wheel Manufacturer

Providing HR Outsourcing solutions to a leading industrial wheel manufacturer in Canada.  

Aerospace Manufacturing

Facilitated Talent Assessments of key talent, using leading, industry-recognized tools (including MBTI® and DiSC®), of a global aviation manufacturer, to provide more insight on the leaders' personality preferences and decision-making styles.


Practical HR and business function outsourcing solutions for small and medium-sized entities, and project-based HR and business function outsourcing solutions for larger or established organizations. 

Partnering with multinationals and businesses of all types and sizes to provide leading, industry-recognized and specialized Talent Assessments including psychometric, leadership and functional talent assessments.  

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