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For law firms and the legal services world


Let us help you find the best legal and non-legal talent for all your Legal Recruitment Matters

We are specialists in recruiting legal talent for Law Firms and Legal Departments.  We have expertise in the Legal industry with first-hand knowledge of what great talent looks like.  Unlike other recruitment firms, our principal was a partner at a large Bay Street Law Firm.  Whether you are looking for legal or non-legal talent at a large downtown Law Firm, a boutique or small Law Firm outside of the city, or an in-house Legal Department, we know the talent and have deep relationships with them.

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We deliver staffing, recruitment & specialized talent solutions for all your Finance Recruitment Matters

We are experts in recruiting finance talent at all levels and in all verticals.  We have extensive experience recruiting finance professionals in all types of organizations from the largest corporations and banks, to mid-sized companies, to smaller firms.  We also have a vast network of finance professionals.  Let us help you find your critical finance roles.

Legal Recruiting. Done Right.

We have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to create a successful Law Firm or Legal Department. It takes great talent!  Unlike other recruitment firms, our principal was a partner at a large Bay Street Law Firm and has over a decade of legal experience. We know that finding great talent -- from Lawyers to Law Clerks to Legal Assistants to Finance, IT and other administrative roles -- is essential to not only meet but exceed clients' expectations.  

As a result, we have created a rigorous process to help firms and organizations quickly hire the best-fit talent for their needs.



We have a deep understanding of the operations, environment and culture of Law Firms and Legal Departments.  We also understand the roles of the various practice group members and the non-legal (administrative) talent





We continuously engage with the talent pool using leading-edge technology

Engaging Talent




We have deep in-roads with legal and non-legal (administrative)  talent throughout Canada and the US

Deep Talent



We use leading-edge digital strategies to find and nurture the best-fit talent for each job, instead of simply posting a job description


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We seamlessly partner with our clients to help them succeed 

At Talent Matters, we are driven to help our clients succeed.  We not only become a trusted advisor, we seamlessly partner with our clients, championing their recruitment, talent acquisition, talent development and other talent solution needs, thereby becoming an integral part of their team.  We are passionate about what we do and are driven to help our clients succeed. 


Critical Hires &


Talent Acquisition


We provide recruitment support on all critical roles, including in Finance, IT and Administration.  We also provide on-going support on the recruitment of Legal Assistants, Law Clerks and Lawyers, allowing our client to free-up much needed capacity to focus on revenue-generating matters.




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Legal Recruitment Matters


We are WBE Certified

Not only is Talent Matters a premier recruitment and talent solutions provider, we are also proud to be certified by WBE Canada as a women-owned and managed vendor.    


WBE Canada is supported by many of Canada's largest banks, corporations and government entities.  These organizations are WBE Corporate Members demonstrating their commitment to supporting women-owned businesses.


These organizations all have mandates to significantly increase their spend on diverse suppliers, including those owned by women.  They also require that their service providers have similar progressive policies.

For this reason, companies who do business with these WBE Corporate Members need to track their supplier spend on diverse and women-owned businesses. 


By partnering with Talent Matters, some of the advantages include:

  • exceptional recruitment and talent solutions; 

  • deep industry knowledge of your business;

  • extensive relationships with the key talent in the industry; and 

  • organizations can demonstrate their commitment to diverse vendor spend.   

WBE Canada Procurement Champions

In addition to the 80+ WBE Corporate Members, including the Big Five Banks, these organizations are WBE procurement champions: 


We also deliver talent solutions for other industries

We also deliver talent solutions to banks, financial institutions, investment banks, software and technology companies, consulting, transformation and IT firms, system integrators and other organizations in need of talent solutions to help them succeed, including those delivering or undergoing digital transformations or other technological changes.  See how we are helping businesses in some of these industries.  

Banks, financial services firms and consulting firms in Financial District of New York City
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We specialize in recruiting legal and non-legal talent for Law Firms, Legal Departments and the legal services world


We had been recruiting for a senior level finance position for a few months without success.  It was for a strategic role which required someone who had system transformation experience.  Talent Matters knew exactly the profile we were looking for and immediately had several qualified candidates in front of us.  Talent Matters really understands law firms and the functional and technical requirements of digital transformation talent.  They also delivered exceptional service on a tight timeline. If you are looking for highly skilled talent within the legal industry, I would not hesitate to use Talent Matters.

COO at a Toronto-based Law Firm

We have the right talent solutions for all your matters 

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