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  • Bernadette Saumur

Time-to-market matters - why outsourcing is critical to start-ups, & small & medium-sized businesses

Whether you're a start-up or small or medium-sized business (SMB), time-to-market is essential for growth and ultimately the organization's very survival. Scale or fail may sound cliche, but for many businesses, it's imperative that the organization grow, otherwise it may lose marketshare to its competitors. With little to no revenue coming in, SMBs don't have any reserves to regrow. Not only must it grow, time is often of the essence, particularly for new or emerging technologies, or new and high demand market segments.

Most start-ups and SMBs need to use their key talent for core activities. But what happens to non-core, yet essential, aspects of their businesses?

If businesses choose not to deal with these non-core, essential functions, they could find themselves in regulatory or legal hot water. Similarly, the costs of not having them could far exceed the costs had the business properly chose to deal with these functions earlier on. For start-ups and SMBs who don't have significant reserves, these costs could prove fatal to the organization.

One way that start-ups and SMBs can effectively deal with these non-core, essential functions is to outsource them to a partner. By using the right outsourcing partner, the organization can save more money than by doing it themselves. The organization would not have to add headcount, would not have to deal with absences and would not have to waste precious owner-management time in managing the resource. Additionally, it's often more cost-effective to use a partner than to add headcount, by the time you factor in benefits and other overhead costs. The partner can also provide higher calibre, consistent and/or accredited talent than most SMBs can attract.

In this current fast-paced business environment, where businesses must act, and respond to changes, very quickly, outsourcing some of their non-core business functions can make the difference as to a business' very survival. By partnering with the right partner who can effectively and efficiently outsource some of your non-core business functions, the business greatly increases its chances to grow and become successful.




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