Multinational Consulting Companies

Digital Recruitment

Providing Digital Recruitment solutions for large global multinational consulting firms for numerous functional and technical positions of every level for numerous banking and capital markets and other clients in every vertical in Canada and the United States, and globally.

Research & Intelligence Association

Professional Coaching

Providing Professional Coaching solutions to the CEO of a research and intelligence association.

Engineering Association

HR Foundations

Providing HR Foundations solutions to a provincial association for professional engineers to audit its existing HR policies and to recommend changes.

Professional Accounting Firm

HR Foundations

Providing HR Foundations solutions, by developing statutorily mandated HR policies, to a professional accounting firm in Canada.

HR Foundations

Partnering with small and medium-sized businesses in Canada to provide HR Consulting solutions with respect to HR matters, including statutorily mandated HR policies and procedures.

Digital Matters

Partnering with banks, financial and professional services firms, and other businesses to provide Talent Acquisition Recruitment solutions for permanent and contract talent in all functions and levels for transformations, digital and other initiatives, throughout North America, Western Europe, and APAC.

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