Talent Matters Statement on Racial
Discrimination and Bias

Recent events have magnified the ongoing difficulties faced by people of colour, but especially by members of the Black community.

Everyone of us, whether you are a political leader, business leader, or a member of the global community, can no longer ignore or attempt to explain away these injustices our fellow human beings are subjected to on a daily basis.

We feel very strongly that there is no place for silence or complacency, and the only acceptable steps we can take is to stand with our Black colleagues and citizens, and take accountable action to not only eliminate brutal racial injustices against our Black community members, but also the systemic bias and discrimination they face on a daily basis.

Our message is very clear and unequivocal: we stand with and support our Black colleagues, clients and friends, and their families and communities. As a firm, we will not stand for any racism, prejudice, hatred, harassment or discrimination against Black people or any others

Actions We Are Taking

We have realized that it really does start with us. We are often the first point of contact with potential candidates through the sourcing, attraction, screening, presentation, advocacy and selection processes. As a result, we have been reviewing our own business practices to find ways that we can help to increase inclusivity and eliminate discrimination and bias:
Some of the steps we are taking include:

  1. Continue with our existing training on anti-discrimination, unconscious bias andHuman Rights legislation, and ensure continued compliance by all team members.
  2. Communicate to our clients our commitment to inclusivity and against all types of discrimination.
  3. Operationalize our approach to ensure that candidates are not subject to discrimination during the recruitment and selection process.
  4. Support our clients’ inclusivity strategies throughout the recruitment and selection process, as well as our own.
  5. Support our clients’ efforts and strategies against discrimination.
  6. Promote inclusivity and anti-discrimination across all our solutions.
  7. Sourcing and partnering with diverse suppliers.
  8. Take opportunities to positively effect change and promote inclusivity in all our speaking and other engagements.
  9. Provide coaching and mentorship support to Black, Aboriginal and Indigenous peoples, and other disadvantaged communities.
  10. Commitment to a continued holistic review of all our practices in support of inclusivity and anti-discrimination.

As we join with our clients and others within the global community to promote inclusivity and anti-discrimination, we will continue to listen to Black, Aboriginal and Indigenous peoples, and disadvantaged communities, as well as all others who experience discrimination and bias, to help move toward a fully inclusive society.

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