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HR Foundations Matters

Practical & cost-effective HR solutions for new & growing businesses

HR Foundations Matters
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Practical HR solutions for new and growing businesses  

Businesses of all sizes are required by law to have certain mandated employee policies.  They are also required by law to train their staff on some of these mandated policies.  

Talent Matters provides practical and cost-effective HR Foundations solutions to small and medium-sized organizations so business owners and managers can focus on operating their businesses.  Talent Matters also provides HR Foundations solutions to businesses of all sizes who require HR support for special projects.  ​


Talent Matters provided strategic HR guidance to me and my team in areas of candidate assessment, employee relations, policy review and staff coaching. They were very thorough yet pragmatic and demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and expertise in our work together. I would not hesitate to recommend Talent Matters to other organizations looking for outsourced HR services.

Mark Dietrich, Chief Executive Officer at Ontario Society of Professional Engineers

Featured Solutions

HR policy manuals

Mandatory HR Policies 

Certain HR policies are required by all businesses, regardless of size. With our practical approach, we work with businesses to determine which HR policies are mandatory for their business. We then create up-to-date HR policies for your business, all in a cost-effective manner.

HR Consultant facilitating HR policies training

Mandatory Training

Certain HR policies require mandatory staff training. We facilitate this training in an efficient and cost-effective manner, limiting the amount of staff down-time. This allows owner-managers to focus on their business.

HR Consultant conducting HR policies audit

HR Policies Audit

We conduct on-site audits of a business' existing HR policies to identify HR policy gaps in relation to legislative compliance. We then recommend how businesses can become compliant.

Woman HR Consultant leaning against whiteboard with HR strategy materials

Critical HR Consulting

We provide HR consulting, on an as-needed basis, to small and medium-sized entities, and established businesses on all areas of HR. We also provide HR outsourcing without adding to a business' headcount. This seamless support increases efficiencies, reduces down-time, and allows organizations to focus on their businesses.

Featured Solutions
Public accounting firm meeting

Providing HR Foundations solutions to an accounting professional services firm, which included the drafting of an Employee Handbook including legislatively-required HR Policies among others.  

Consumer packaged goods on shelves at grocery store

Providing legislative Compliance Training to a consumer packaged goods manufacturer, which included Employment Standards and Labour and Industrial Relations training.  

Professional engineer meeting wth client

Providing HR Foundations solutions to a professional engineering association, which included the audit of existing HR policies and recommendations.  

Entertainment and media studio

Providing HR Foundations solutions to an entertainment association, which included an Employee Relations investigation and subsequent report to the board of directors.  

HR Foundations Matters

Practical & cost-effective HR solutions for new & growing businesses.  Let us help you succeed.

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