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Clean Power Generator

Leadership Development Training

Providing Leadership Development Training solutions to a group of engineering supervisors at a clean power generation company in Saskatchewan, Canada in order to drive success and meet company growth objectives.

Thermal, Wind & Solar Power Developer

Professional Coaching

Providing Professional Coaching solutions to the Senior Engineering Leader of a multinational thermal, wind and solar power developer in Canada in order to enhance operational leadership.

Clean & Green Power Developer

HR Consulting

Providing HR Consulting solutions by developing key leadership competency profiles for key positions for an international clean and green power developer.

Natural Gas Distribution Company


Providing Consulting solutions to a large natural gas distribution company.

Leadership Development Training Matters

Partnering with organizations of all types to design and facilitate dynamic, engaging, insightful and essential Leadership Development Training solutions for its leaders, managers, supervisors and other people managers.

Professional Coaching

Partnering with organizations of all types and sizes to provide accredited and meaningful professional coaching solutions to senior and high potentials, and other key professionals, to enhance their leadership capabilities.

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